No more time cards
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Do you waste a lot of time chasing time cards?

As little as $30 a month can ease your suffering.

What is Job Logger?

If you charge customers by the hour, and have trouble getting your time sheets filled or handed in... Job Logger can help.

Job Logger is an online program for use on mobile phones, that allows your staff or sub-contractors to enter the hours and job details for customers that you enter into the system.

Joblogger is very easy to use, and records *hours done, in seconds.

*Can be 1/2 or 1/4 hour blocks.

Advantages at a glance


Worried your sub-contractors won't use it, or will have difficulty using it?

If you live in the Gold Coast or Tweed Heads area, we will come and demo it, as well as show your sub-contractors how to use it and answer any questions.